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Publicerad 19 mars 2024

Interview with party leader Gustav Kasselstrand before the FvD congress

This Saturday, Alternative for Sweden’s party leader and top candidate in the EU elections, Gustav Kasselstrand, is attending the Forum voor Democratie (FvD) congress in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kasselstrand was invited by Thierry Baudet, party leader of FvD, and will be giving a speech.

Among the speakers are also Candace Owens and many other prominent opinion makers.

Below is a video where Thierry Baudet advices the Swedish people to vote for Alternative for Sweden in the upcoming elections.

As the congress is approaching, Gustav Kasselstrand has been interviewed by Dutch right-wing media De Dagelijkse Standaard. Here is a link to the article (in Dutch). Below is the article translated to English:

We are excited to hear you speak at the FVD Party Congress later this week. What made you decide to do so and can you tell us a bit about what you’re going to talk about?

– I have been following Thierry Baudet for many years, long before Alternative for Sweden was even founded. Last year, Alternative for Sweden, Forum voor Democratie and like-minded patriotic parties decided to form a cooperation in Budapest which was of course a major milestone in our international cooperation. It was only the start, so now we are strengthening this cooperation further, and that’s why I’m attending the FVD congress.

– I will address the need to reconquer the idea of Europe. EU does not represent anything of what is truly European, but still they use Europe as a trademark to brand their terrible union. EU and Europe are in fact opposites: EU is central planning, one-size fits all thinking, narrow-mindedness. It belongs to politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists. Europe is something completely different: its essence is the variety of nations, cultures, states and ideas which make this such a unique – and successful – continent!

What is the number one issue in Europe right now and can it be solved?

– There are a number of important issues where the establishment is dragging us Europeans into a disaster. They are replacing Europe’s indigenous peoples with migrants, resulting in us becoming the minority in our own countries. They are calling for a continuation and escalation of the war in Ukraine. And they are in the midst of creating a European state where the formerly free nations are anything but independent: our role is merely to act as puppets to our European and global lords.

– Fortunately these issues can all be solved. Stop immigration and start a massive repatriation program. Call for a ceasefire and establish peace talks on the war in Ukraine. Stop the transfer of power to the EU by withdrawing from the union: we need Nexit and Swexit – and many more countries to follow us!

You’ve been very active in an attempt to build an international coalition of what can be called tradionalist or patriotic parties. For example, I think that you’ve met with Our Homeland Movement from Hungary, Alternative for Germany, and of course our own FVD. How is it going with building this kind of coalition? Can it work?

– It will definitely work. Already when I was the chairman of the Sweden Democratic Youth, I was eager to form cooperations with likeminded movements in Europe, and I am both proud and happy that I have continued these efforts ever since. I have learnt throughout the years that cooperation works best if we have many things in common, while of course still respecting our differences. With the cooperation that we have now formed, we share not only similar ideas but also a similar history: we all come from bigger parties that have been corrupted, turned politically correct or in other ways changed in a negative direction. So this is a new wave of emerging parties. Alternative for Sweden is still small, but the success of our friends in Europe shows the potential.

Alternative for Sweden is not only strict on immigration, but also anti-Woke. Thank God. You are against same-sex adoption of children, it being an unnatural situation for children, and also against same-sex marriage. These would be highly controversial positions in the Netherlands. How’s that in Sweden?

– It is indeed controversial since the whole establishment is totally crazy about LGBTQ. However, we are convinced that there are many Swedes who reject this agenda. For example, our biggest success so far as a party was when we were elected into the national church council with three members. Of course, the Church of Sweden is just as politically correct as the major parties and they openly make propaganda for LGBTQ, so naturally the church establishment was shocked that an anti-woke party like Alternative for Sweden was elected with a clear conservative and Christian agenda.

Recently, we have seen some very upsetting video’s coming out of Sweden with gangs killing each other and even innocent citizens, while the Swedish authorities seem to be helpless to do anything about it. What the heck is going on?

– What you see is the effect of 50 years of uncontrolled immigration. The police recently issued a report which said that 62 000 people are active in, or connected to, criminal gangs in Sweden. Of these people, almost 90 per cent are Swedish citizens. It does not mean that they are Swedes – but they are immigrants who received citizenship or who were born in Sweden with a Swedish citizenship. Our party calls for their citizenships to be revoked, also for the second generation immigrants, and they should thereafter be sent home to their natural homelands. 

You are very critical of NATO, what’s the problem with this American Hegemonic organization?

For 200 years Sweden has been a neutral country. We also happen to be the country in the world with the longest coherent period of peace (along with Switzerland, which is also a neutral country). The last 10 years our political elite has been working hard to drag us into Nato, first with a partnership and secondly with the membership. This all was done in silence, without any referendum whatsoever, nor any public debate. The Nato membership means that Sweden will fight American wars all over the world and become an even more pathetic puppet to Washington than we have previously been. Currently our political class is planning to approve a so called “Defence Cooperation Agreement” which will let American troops into our country and our own military bases. It is in effect an occupation of our country.

Gustav Kasselstrand. Founder and party leader of Alternative for Sweden. Top candidate in the EU elections.

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