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Publicerad 19 mars 2018

Press release: Alternative for Sweden launches international crowdfunding campaign

Today, the newly founded Swedish political party Alternative for Sweden launches an international fundraising campaign. The objective is to help finance Alternative for Sweden’s 2018 election campaign.

During the coming six months leading up to the Swedish general election September 9th, Alternative for Sweden will launch crowdfunding campaigns directed at like-minded movements and voters all around the world.

The first video aims at the United States and the millions of American voters who put Donald Trump in the White House.

Website: https://donate.alternativforsverige.se/en-us/

Gustav Kasselstrand, leader of Alternative for Sweden, comments:

— Donald Trump was right when, during a joint press conference with the Swedish Prime Minister, he said that, “Immigration has certainly caused problems in Sweden.”

— Alternative for Sweden is an up-and-comer in Swedish politics and so it is only natural that we finance our election campaign in new innovative ways. Meanwhile, the state-funded establishment parties collect billions of taxpayers’ money each year in a rigged system that effectively aims to exclude new political parties.

— This international fundraising campaign is a call to action for patriots all over the world to help us save our beloved country from the brink of complete chaos. I feel confident that people all over the world will contribute to our campaign and help enable our entry into the Swedish parliament in September 2018.

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