Alternative for Sweden is a new movement for a new era. Yesterday, we became the first Swedish political party to launch an online international fundraising campaign.

Across the West, the political landscape is being redrawn before our very eyes. The left–right paradigm has become obsolete, and the parties whose thinking is still based on it — unable to address the important political issues of today — are fading into irrelevance.

New political conflict lines have emerged. Today, what truly divides political parties and candidates into different camps has very little to do with tax policy or social welfare. Society is no longer primarily divided by left versus right. It is divided by the people versus the establishment; free-speech advocates versus politically correct censors; and nationalists versus globalists.

In the U.K. and the United States, anti-establishment movements have already enjoyed victory in the form of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Across Europe, nationalist movements have enjoyed similar successes: FPÖ in Austria; Front National in France; AfD in Germany; and Fidesz in Hungary, to only name a few. The trend is clear: the time has come for the up-and-comers to shine, and the sad remains of the 20th century political landscape is on its way out.

While mainstream media and established politicians dismissed Trump’s presidential campaign from day one, anti-establishment politicians across the world chose to watch and learn. Patriotism is at once a national struggle and an international democratic revolution.

Clearly, there are many political developments worth celebrating in the West. But at the same time, the political establishments in our countries are growing ever more detached from and resentful of the masses. Time and again, they attempt to censor free speech and debate, and they show nothing but utter contempt for the will of the people. While the people call for a halt to mass immigration, the elites invite even more third-world immigrants to come here.

Sweden is no exception to this rule. The political development in our country follows the overall trend in Western Europe and North America. But in one regard, Sweden is indeed unique: Our country has been transformed from one of the safest and most prosperous nations in the world, to a country people across the world associate with dysfunction. No other country has fallen from grace so hard, or so fast.

No longer are we a role model for the rest of the world. On the contrary, Sweden now serves as a stark example of the disastrous effects of mass third-world immigration. One need only visit our Scandinavian neighbours to hear politicians, media, and the general public express their deep concerns over what is happening in Sweden — and how important it is to avoid repeating our mistakes. And similar things are being said about us all over Europe and the United States.

We argue that this image of Sweden — as a dysfunctional country plagued by the adverse effects of mass immigration — is by and large correct. To the extent that our country’s “public image” has been tarnished, our own politicians are to blame; not the citizens who publicly express their anxiety over this disastrous development.

Alternative for Sweden asks the rest of the world to help us get Sweden back on track. We are pleased to announce that we will be the first Swedish political party in history to launch an international crowdfunding campaign.

Today, we turn to the millions of Americans who dared defy their own political establishment and elect Donald Trump as U.S. President. We aim to do what Trump is already doing in the U.S.: bring a halt to mass immigration, drain the political swamp, and place the interests of the nation first and reject “the false song of globalism”, as Trump expressed it during his campaign.

The political system in Sweden is rigged against up-and-comers like us. Every year, the established political parties receive millions in state funding. We do not have this luxury. Our campaign is funded entirely by the gracious contributions of private citizens in Sweden and, now, also the United States.

But if the election of Donald Trump can teach us anything it is this: that success comes to those who refuse to play by the rules of a rigged political system. We are inspired by the vitality of the American people, who rebelled against their corrupt political establishment in 2016. Now, we ask U.S. Trump supporters to help us save Sweden.

Our ambition is that Alternative for Sweden will become part of a kind of “nationalist internationale”. Through international cooperation and solidarity, the journey to take back our country begins.

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Gustav Kasselstrand
President, Alternative for Sweden